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Granteva LLC.
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Welcome to Granteva, the ultimate shopping destination for the latest gadgets in the market. We know you are a discerning customer who deserves and requires only the best. This is the primary reason why we offer only the smartest gadgets to help you get more done with ease, and to simplify your life every step of the way.

We don’t only offer smarts; we also offer stylishness. Each and every one of the products that we offer bears the Granteva mark of approval; an approval of excellence, durability, functionality and sleekness.

You’ll have heads turning when you use any of our product offerings. From household gadgets, to office gadgets, to kids’ toys, to other every day basic products, we’ve got your back.

Our products are not only user friendly but extremely pocket friendly as well. At Granteva, we are driven by the passion to simplify life for as many people as we can, so affordability is one of our watchwords and one of the tenets we live by. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else; this we can confidently say. So you don’t only get to live smarter and more stylishly; you also get to do it at a cost that won’t break the bank.

While all our products are ultra-tech, we assure you the formulations are as modern and high-tech as they can be. Each of them has been formulated without the need for sodium chloride or paraben. All our products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, keratin treatment safe, and have protection against UV light. The performance of each product is flawless.

We offer devices and gadgets that provide ease of work, comfort, and play without limitation because that is what you deserve. From glowing racing set for kids, to anti-theft USB charging travel backpack, Abs stimulators, tank tops, child seatbelt vest, cutter knives, portable pocket practice guitar, we’ve got them all.

We, at Granteva, work very closely with suppliers and strive to develop partnerships with different communities to deliver the best styling products. We constantly look for new and different ways to use gluten-free formulas, antioxidants, proteins, and quality ingredients to deliver the best products that will be mild yet efficient for your hair.

Now’s the time to go for that which you really deserve. Let’s help you break the monotony of everyday life with our unique and exciting gadgets.

Let’s ratchet up your cool factor.

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CEO Granteva LLC.